What do I need for my contact lens after care?

A contact lens examination is an aftercare appointment to check on how well your eyes are while wearing contact lenses.

Please wear your contact lenses to your after care appointment!

During your contact lens after care appointment we will be checking your vision in your contact lenses and checking that the prescription in your contact lenses is correct ( you will need your lenses in for this and best if they are not just in)

We will be looking at how well the lenses fit your eyes,( again lenses in for this)

We will then need you to take the lenses out, so if you do not wear daily disposable lenses you will need your contact lens case and solution to put them in.

We will then examine the anterior parts of your eye ( cornea, conjunctiva ,lids 7 lashes)

This usually involves using a small drop of dye to allow a detailed examination.

The dye can take up to an hour to wash away completely. Because of this you are not recommended to put your contact lenses back in straight away, So you will need to bring your spectacles to go home in.

We will also ask you about your general health, medications and any allergies you may have,also about how often and for how long you wear you lenses.All of this helps us to ensure you are wearing the best lens for you.

So in sort

Come wearing your contact lenses.


  • your contact lens case

  • Your solution

  • Your spectacles

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