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Children's Eyecare

Children's eyecare

We understand how important family is to many of our patients so we make sure that our testing and eye care for children are the very best. Our priority is getting your kids started with healthy eye care practices and ensuring that any vision loss or eye condition is caught and corrected early on.

Kid's eye tests

One of the best ways to take care of children’s eyes is to make sure they are regularly examined. Vision loss and eye conditions often begin in childhood and this can affect visual development and lead to long-term eyesight problems. We use thorough testing methods to ensure that we can build a complete picture of your child’s eye health and vision. Children should have their eyes tested from a young age and we have specialised tests available for toddlers and young children who can’t read yet.

Young girl having an eye test

Glasses for children

Our range of glasses is designed for children of all ages from toddlers to teens. All of our kids’ eyewear, both lenses and frames, are made from top-quality materials using the latest designs. We also offer a great deal of variety so everybody can find something that suits their personality and style no matter how old they are.

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