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Man at eye examination

Eye Examinations

Private and NHS eye examinations

At Lockerbie & Annan Opticians, our friendly team of optometrists are here to provide you with thorough eye examinations designed for you. Whether you are a private or NHS patient you can rest assured that your eye examination will be thorough and comprehensive, testing your vision, evaluating your eye health and screening for eye conditions. If you do have an eye problem we will be able to pinpoint it and provide you with top-quality vision correction that is tailored specifically for you.

Your eye health

Your eyes are an integral part of your general health. Having good eyesight and preventing eye conditions is a vital part of enjoying a healthy lifestyle. You can keep your eyes healthy by having them examined regularly, protecting them from the sun, taking breaks from screens, eating well and a range of other practices. We aim to keep all of our patients informed about how to keep their eyes healthy in a way that works for them.

Women having an eye test at local opticians

What to expect in your eye examination?

Your eye examination involves a set of tests and questions designed to create a complete assessment of your eyesight and eye health. We use the latest technology to check your vision at different distances and screen for eye conditions. Your optometrist will also ask you some questions about your lifestyle, medical status and family history of eye conditions. This helps us to decide whether additional testing is necessary and to make sure any vision correction or care we provide takes into account your specific requirements.

Diabetic eye screening

If you are living with diabetes having a diabetic retinopathy screening on a regular basis is an important part of looking after your health. Complications from diabetes can lead to vision loss and blindness, so regularly having your eyes looked at by a qualified optometrist could save your eyesight. The screening involves an expert examination of your eyes through retinal photographs that allow an optometrist to look for any early warning signs of a diabetic eye condition.

Diabetic eye screening
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