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Women wearing contact lenses

Contact Lenses

Have you tried contact lenses?

Contact lenses offer a sense of freedom and convenience that many people don’t get from glasses. We work hard for our clients to ensure that each one gets to enjoy their contact lens experience. Lens and fitting technology is always developing and we stay up-to-date to ensure that we can provide contact lenses for even the most complex cases.

Contact lens assessments

All of our contact lens assessments are carried out by an expert optometrist with experience in fitting lenses for all different eye types and prescriptions. Your assessment will include a series of eye tests and measurements to tell us everything we need to know to fit you with lenses that are right for you. You can also tell your optometrist any relevant information about how you want to use contact lenses – this will help them to make a recommendation that suits your lifestyle.

close up of contact lens on finger of young man

The different types of contact lenses

As an independent practice, we choose to stock a wide range of contact lens types so all of our clients can enjoy them safely and comfortably. We’ll recommend you a specific type of contact lens based on your prescription, eye type and lifestyle. Even if you have previously been told you can’t use contact lenses, there’s a very good chance we’ll be able to find a type that works for

Aftercare and advice

We know that aftercare is important to our clients so we offer a complete service to retest your eyes and help you deal with any issues you may have related to your lenses. Having your eyes retested allows us to make sure you keep getting the best vision possible from your lenses. We can also offer advice on how to keep your eyes healthy and let you know about any new lens technology that might be beneficial to you.

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